Herbertz Dairy Food Service:
Intergrating Milk - Market- People

We have been successful leaders servicing the milk and food industries since 2002. We analyze, develop and implement national and international projects, by matching the needs of the market place with the appropriate technology and latest techniques.

In addition to our advisorial actitivites, we offer seminars and workshops, frequently in coordination with the MZB (Milk Center of Bavaria). These events can be precisely structured whereby we are totally commited to meeting the specialized needs of our individual clients. Being located amidst the green pastures of the Allgau area in Germany is no accident. This area of Bavaria is well known for its high concentration of significant milk and dairy enterprises as well as their related sub-suppliers.

We are fortunate to have an array of local professionals and experts from these dairies, supply industries, as well as researchers and teachers – with whom we consult and work side-by-side as specific needs arise. Our combined knowledge and our cumulative experience are here for your advantage.

OR: Our combined knowledge and cumulative experience will benefit you.

We are actively engaged, not simply observing.

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